moroccan spiced acorn squash and quinoa salad

acorn squash with arugula salad

Squash season is still in full force, but if you are tired of the Autumn herbs of thyme and sage taking the spotlight, it might be time to spice things up a bit!  I give you this roasted version of the oh so delicious acorn squash is seasoned with a blend of Moroccan spices to heat up a cold winter day.  A great option for meatless Monday or a workweek lunch, this salad is topped off with a Moroccan vinaigrette dressing that keeps things spicy for each and every bite.  Go ahead and eat your way through the holidays without the carb guilt, enjoy! Continue reading

spiced cauliflower steak with chimichurri

spiced cauliflower with chimichurri

After indulging in way too much turkey and mashed potatoes during the week of Thanksgiving.  I decided it was time for a cleanse!  And a week of all veggies, no coffee, and no sugar has made me find new ways to fill my cravings with vegetables. This recipe is a great main course ‘steak’ to curb the cravings of a thick juicy filet.  Now I can’t say that the cauliflower will be as juicy and tender as a medium rare steak, but this spiced and roasted veggie sure will hit the spot as far as savory and hearty flavors! It would also be a great side dish if you don’t happen to be on an all veggie cleanse, enjoy! Continue reading

mexican turkey and quinoa soup

mexican turkey and quinoa soup

Have a case of the winter blues already?  Or are you feeling a little tickle in your throat?  Here is the perfect twist on a chicken noodle soup to wake up those sinus’ and have you feeling better in no time.  With subtle hints of cinnamon and cumin, along with the fresh zing of cilantro and lime juice, you will be feeling better in no time.  Also, if you have any leftover turkey from last week’s big meal, this is a great way to use up the last of the meat while featuring completely different flavors! Continue reading

butternut squash and goat cheese crostini with cranberries

butternut squash crostini with goat cheese

Turkey day is right around the corner and I can’t wait to stuff my face with the delicious goodness of all those side dishes and the big bird.  If you are hosting for the first time or cooking for a crowd, enjoy yourself and this holiday entirely devoted to food!  Now if you’re like me and looking to add one more dish to the table, this simple, sweet, and savory finger food is perfect appetizer to serve before the full spread.  This appetizer will give a taste of the flavors of Thanksgiving in one bite to prep your palate for the rest of the meal!

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ginger and pumpkin cheesecake bars

ginger and pumpkin cheesecake bar with whipped cream and almonds

Pumpkin spice has been blowing up my taste buds for a good two months already, but I couldn’t resist stirring up another recipe to taste those oh so yummy flavors of Fall!  Although I do love the traditional pumpkin pie on turkey day, this year I have decided to stir up something with a bit more zing.  With a touch of crystallized ginger and a buttery crisp gingersnap crust, this pumpkin cheesecake is a decadent spin on the classic Thanksgiving day dessert. A bit of whipped cream and crunchy almond slivers help to offset the zesty ginger notes while keeping you ready to try the next bite.  Stir up this dessert in advance and save some room in your stomach after the bird on Thursday!

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