stuffed peppers with thai red curry quinoa and kale

stuffed peppers with thai quinoa and kale

For all you spice lovers out there, this vegetarian entree is the perfect way to heat up your dinner!  With the hearty mixture of mushrooms, quinoa, and kale to keep you full and there is no need to add meat when you pack in the Thai flavors with red curry paste and coconut milk.  This quick and simple dinner is perfect to add an extra kick to the middle of your work week, enjoy!
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sun-dried tomato crostini with basil and prosciutto

crostini with sun-dried tomato and prosciutto

Homemade dip is an amazingly simple and delicious addition to any party, but spread that dip on toasted baguette, add some prosciutto, and now you are really talking!  This simple crostini is packed with flavors from sun-dried tomatoes to basil a  a zesty splash of lemon juice.  With a garbanzo bean dip that can easily be made ahead of time, this appetizer can be whipped up in a matter of minutes and still be the crowdpleaser at your next party or cookout.  Of course you could also just eat this crostini by itself for a tapas style dinner all for yourself, enjoy!
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banana bread french toast

banana bread french toast

Ah the guilty pleasure of a sweet stack of french toast for brunch!  For some reason, eating sweet bread topped with fruit and maple syrup is one reason Sunday morning brunch lines all around LA are out the door.  This take on the classic french toast uses an already sweet and hearty bread as the base.  With slices of banana bread topped with crunchy almonds and covered in maple syrup, you can eat your breakfast and dessert all in one meal, enjoy! Continue reading

italian breakfast panini

italian prosciutto and egg panini

Some mornings a bowl of fruit and granola just doesn’t cut it for breakfast, and for those days, nothing is better than a warm egg and cheese sandwich.  No need to wait in line at your local cafe, simply pull out your panini grill and make this hearty sandwich with layers of gooey provolone cheese, spinach, tomato, and eggs, all topped off with the salty goodness of prosciutto.  This panini is the perfect fix to hold you over until lunch.  Continue reading

quinoa and tomato salad with arugula pesto

quinoa salad with arugula pesto and tomatoes

When I think of summer, one of my favorite side dishes is a caprese salad, but sometimes I want a twist on the traditional stack of tomato, basil, and mozzarella.  So I thought, what a perfect opportunity to jazz up quinoa and add extra flavor to that super protein!  With an arugula pesto and Parmesan cheese all topped off with tomatoes, this spin on a caprese side dish is perfect for a summer picnic or a weekday lunch, enjoy! Continue reading


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