bacon and broccolini flatbread

broccolini and bacon flatbread

Bacon, bacon, bacon!  With a bacon cream sauce and extra bacon bits on top, this flatbread may be the guiltiest of pleasures.  Crispy dough topped with a healthy amount of cheese, a dash of broccolini, and of course all the bacon you could want, what’s not to like?  Slices will go fast so you better hurry up and grab one! Continue reading

sun-dried tomato and rainbow chard strata

sun-dried tomato and chard strata with feta

I don’t know about you, but I get really annoyed sometimes when I have to wait in line for 45 minutes, most likely groggy from the night before, for a brunch out with friends.  And typically, when I get that long-awaited meal, I am not impressed by the spread.  With the weekend quickly approaching, a solution is served!  If you have time the day before, stir up this simple breakfast casserole, cover, and refrigerate, it’s that easy!  The next morning, brunch for a crowd is simply served in this one dish wonder!  This strata recipe is packed with bright veggies but feel free to switch it up however you see fit to curb your morning cravings, enjoy! Continue reading

blueberry scones with lemon mint glaze

blueberry and lemon scones

Another work week is upon us and although I don’t always have a case of the Monday’s, the taste of summer here in LA this weekend is going to make it hard to be cooped up inside all week at the office!  But the early morning alarm won’t be as bad since I baked up these sweet and zesty breakfast biscuits this weekend that are worthy of being a dessert.  With pops of tart blueberries and a sweet and tangy lemon mint glaze, these scones are a great way to start your day, enjoy!

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chopped chinese chicken rice and veggie bowl

chicken rice bowl with sriracha and vegetables

Look no further, this meal in a bowl is perfect for a flavor packed lunch or a veggie filled dinner!  With chicken marinated in soy, ginger, and hoisin, the bold Chinese spices in this sauce take your everyday protein to the next level with an extra depth of flavor.  Crispy cabbage, sugar snap peas, and baby bok choy mixed together add a layer of fresh green veggies that would be an amazing side dish all on their own.  Spice it up a bit with Sriracha on top or sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds for some extra crunch.  Just make sure to claim your fair share of the leftovers because these spicy layers won’t last long!  Continue reading

four cheese broccoli soup

broccoli and four cheese soup

With all the chilly wet weather in LA this past weekend, all I wanted to do was warm up the oven, bake some sweet treats, and stir up a pot of soul-warming soup.  One of the first soups that I thought would warm me up and curb my cravings was the cheesy and creamy classic, broccoli cheddar.  This spin on that classic soup has 4 times the gooey goodness with extra levels of cheese just because more cheese is always better in my book! And with a few green bits of broccoli popping through, you will get to count some of your daily veggie intake as well, enjoy!

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