roasted delicata squash and spinach frittata with smoked gouda

roasted squash and spinach fritatta with smoked gouda

After taking a week to recover from a great two day Vegas trip, I am back to blogging and happy to come back to cooler temperatures in LA this week!  As many of you may know, I receive a weekly delivery of organic and California grown produce from Farm Fresh to You.  This week I received delicata squash among other produce and couldn’t wait to get these squash on a roasting pan!  Nothing beats fresh roasted squash in the fall, and this recipe is a perfect way to combine the rich roasted flavors with a smoky cheese to create a vegetarian breakfast that you can eat all week!  Not only is the squash highlighted by the addition of spinach and garlic, but the hint of smoke makes you question whether or not there is bacon in this frittata. Continue reading

sausage, broccoli, and kale chowder

sausage and kale chowder with broccoli

One of my favorite things about Fall is that I can finally start stirring up homemade soups again!  There is nothing like a fresh and hearty homemade chowder to warm you right up on a chilly day.  With a mix of broccoli and kale, this chowder is packed with green veggies to satisfy your healthy side, while still having the deep rich flavor of sausage to satisfy your carnivorous cravings.  Stir up this simple chowder on the weekend and voilà, you have the perfect work week lunch that will fill you up without slowing you down, enjoy!

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brown butter and sage scalloped sweet potatoes

brown butter and sage scalloped sweet potatoes

One of my favorite dishes from home would be my mom’s scalloped potatoes.  I literally request it every time I visit, including in the summertime when it’s not the most seasonal of side dishes.  So with the correct season upon us, I decided to try a twist on this dish with flavors of fall, a mix of sweet potatoes, sage, and Parmesan cheese with a dash of nutmeg.  There’s really no reason to wait until November to buy some sage and fill your house with those aromas of Turkey Day.  Go ahead, stir up this dish and get a head start into the savory Fall season!  Happy October everyone! Continue reading

curried butternut squash soup with spiced almonds

curried butternut squash soup topped with crispy almonds

Fall is finally here and my tummy couldn’t be more excited. Pumpkins, squash, and turkey, oh my!  Even after a month of record heat here in Los Angeles, my heart (and stomach) were waiting for the day when a cool breeze would blow through the house and allow me to stir up a soul-warming soup.  This weekend my wishes finally became a reality!  With open windows and a chill through the apartment, I put on my favorite flannel and ran to the pantry to grab the ingredients for this delicious soup.  One of my all-time favorite soups, this mix of sweet apples, savory butternut squash, and spicy curry powder is the perfect combination to transform the flavors of Fall.  Make sure to add the crispy spiced almonds on top for an extra zing and enjoy!

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cheddar and sausage scones

cheddar and sausage scones

Although I love a sweet scone filled with bursts of fruit flavors, this savory scone is a great way to kick off your weekday morning with the delicious and hearty flavors of sausage and cheddar.  During the work week, I am running through the house trying to get myself together and making sure to get out the door in time to sit and wait in the lovely traffic of the LA morning commute.  So making a batch of scones during the weekend is a great way to prepare myself for the work week ahead.  With these scones in hand,  the stop and go traffic to work doesn’t seem to be so bad, enjoy! Continue reading


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