baked garlic and parmesan sweet potato fries

sweet potato fries with garlic parmesanFries are my weakness, I just can’t say no to the starchy greasy goodness of crispy potatoes.  But with a new year and my goal to stick to a healthier diet, boardwalk fries are not in the cards. This week I decided to create a twist on one of my favorite french fry dishes, garlic parmesan fries.  This mix of sweet potatoes and a savory topping of garlic and butter is a great side dish to any meal  and a great way to curb your fast food fix.  With the big game coming up this weekend, these fries are also a perfect finger food to serve up at your Super Bowl party or a snack to keep all to yourself, enjoy!  Continue reading

a year in review


Well everyone, I am excited to announce that today marks exactly one year since my first blog post!  This first year has been a great ride and I can’t wait for all the delicious recipes and big things to come in 2015.  Thanks to all of my loyal followers and friends who have been so supportive over the past 12 months.  I owe this year’s success to so many of you for reposting, following, and sharing my recipes!  I am super excited to fill your bellies with even more dishes in the next year!

To honor this one year anniversary, I decided to repost the top 10 most viewed recipes as my year in review.  Try out some of these old classics or stay tuned in the coming weeks for some great new recipes to test out, cheers!  xoxo Holly

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broccoli and kale pasta salad

broccoli and pasta salad with herb yogurt dressing

After a month of eating whatever buttery sweet cookie and cake in sight, I decided it’s time for that annual New Year cleanse.  If you are like me, jumping head first into only eating leafy greens and quinoa isn’t the easiest way to kick off clean eating.  So I give you a great alternative to ease you into a new diet for this year, a light and green packed pasta salad!  In collaboration with Farm Fresh to You‘s organic produce and their new offering of California artisan-made pasta from Baia Pasta, this salad is the right combination of healthy and hearty to keep you full and focused on kicking off the year with clean eating.  The mixture of Greek yogurt, lemon, and herb dressing to top off some amazing organic produce and pasta ensures not only satisfied taste buds but also a happy tummy, enjoy!
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butternut squash mac and cheese

butternut squash mac and cheese with thyme

Nothing says comfort food like macaroni and cheese, but the with the New Year and many resolutions to eat more veggies and healthier foods, here is a produce packed spin on the classic cheesy goodness!  Partnering with the good folks at Farm Fresh to You,  this recipe utilizes their organic seasonal produce and their new product offering of California artisan-made pasta from Baia Pasta.  Roasted butternut squash mixed with thyme, nutmeg, and Parmesan cheese melt into a delicious side dish that will be a great addition to any post holiday meal or a new comfort food to add to your recipe book, enjoy! Continue reading

moroccan spiced acorn squash and quinoa salad

acorn squash with arugula salad

Squash season is still in full force, but if you are tired of the Autumn herbs of thyme and sage taking the spotlight, it might be time to spice things up a bit!  I give you this roasted version of the oh so delicious acorn squash is seasoned with a blend of Moroccan spices to heat up a cold winter day.  A great option for meatless Monday or a workweek lunch, this salad is topped off with a Moroccan vinaigrette dressing that keeps things spicy for each and every bite.  Go ahead and eat your way through the holidays without the carb guilt, enjoy! Continue reading


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